Modern Nymphs is a project of Allard Krijger.

These five nymphs have been spotted, hunted… and erased:

. Work In Progress Nymph
. Scrapyard Nymph
. Roundabout Nymph
. Grafitti Nymph
. Discount Nymph

A photobook of these events is published by FRAKnoise , besides that there will be posters, postcards and such of the nymphs.

concept, art direction, photography: Allard Krijger
Bodypainting Work In Progress and Scrapyard Nymph: Studio Bodymention
Bodypainting Roundabout, Grafitti and Discount Nymph: Atelier BodyArt
photography: Allard Krijger, Merijn van den Brandt, Ernst Grantham-Hill, Andrea Kriegl
editing: Merijn van den Brand, Allard Krijger, Mirjam Ouwehand 

© FRAKnoise 2021

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